Dec 22

How To Choose Hurricane Window Protection

By Layla Hall | Home

Windows are the most susceptible parts of a house during a hurricane, and so it’s important to buy the right type of window protection for your home. Even Category 1 hurricane has the capability of reaching wind speed up to 95 miles per hour. It could rip tree limbs and make dangerous projectiles of stray […]

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Dec 16

How to Deal With Bullying

By Layla Hall | Home

Bullying makes you feel unlikeable, different and alone. Above all, it is abusive, disturbing and ugly with lethal consequences. When being bullied, you tend to ask yourself ‘why me’ and you naturally feel that there’s something wrong with you. Traditionally, bullying was associated with children but today, even adults are being bullied, either in their […]

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Nov 10

Prepare Your Paddio For Winter

By Layla Hall | Home Improvement

Winter is characterized by harsh weather that can ruin your outdoor furniture. Your patio is an excellent area for relaxing during summer. You cannot let the winter weather to ruin your amazing summer memories. This is how you can prepare your outdoor open-air oasis for winter. Consider acquiring new benches and lighting If you want […]

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