How Much Do Biohazard Cleaners Make

The job of a biohazard cleaner is unpleasant because of the job description. The end results of a cleaner’s efforts are necessary, especially when you need to reconvert a crime scene into a habitable space. Biohazard cleaners make quite a fortune from their job.

Below are some of the factors that you need to get right about biohazard cleaning.

Job description


Biohazard cleaners play an important role that most fainthearted individuals are unable to stomach. At the agency, the cleaners are allocated duties depending on each cleaner’s skills. The tougher the task, the higher the pay grade of each biohazard cleaner. The tougher the job is to handle, the higher the pay is likely to be.

Job Requirements

Many individuals consider biohazard cleaning as a profession that does not have strict hiring requirements. Cleaners are hired for specific skills, talents, and abilities.

Specific duties at the crime scene attract better pay that most biohazard cleaners require. Experienced and well-trained cleaners are likely to make more than the less skilled counterparts.

Allowances that one can earn

The work of a biohazard cleaner is demanding and engaging that a cleaner may be on duty nearly every day of the year without taking leave. In addition to the basic salary that a biohazard cleaner earns, there are accumulative allowances that may make the paycheck fatter. An engaging month with overtime hours earns the cleaner more money for the month.

Salaries depend on the hiring agency

The biohazard cleaners are paid by the biohazard cleanup agencies that have hired them. Other biohazard agencies have better client treatment and payment options, while others pay relatively lower compared to other agencies. Well established cleanup agencies and government-sponsored agencies pay much better than the upcoming cleanup agencies.


The work of a biohazard cleaner is more about the calling to make a difference than the need to make hefty paychecks. The amount earned by biohazard cleaners differ from state to state and agency to agency. If you have the requirements for the job, feel free to send an application.