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At richfield4thofjuly.com we are dedicated to offering quality and reliable services in home improvement. We have experts in different categories in home improvement who will work with you to make sure that you get the best for your money. Besides expert advice, we also offer excellent home improvement tips useful for DIY projects in your home.

No matter your budget, we will advise on what can be done to improve your home. Kindly contact us if you are contemplating undertaking any home improvement project. We will offer the best advice and walk with you until you get your desired results.

DIY Project

As a homeowner, not all home improvement projects require the input of an expert. You can make simple changes that will add value and comfort to your home. Below are excellent DIY tips. Stay put and find out more how you can decor your living space like a professional handyman.

When repainting your house, choose colors that blend with the furniture and other accessories in the rooms. Painting your home is a home improvement project that can make your house more beautiful, but you must be cautious about the choice of colors to use.

Changing the arrangement of furniture in your house can lead to a better look and value to your home. As you change the furniture arrangement also consider new seat covers if possible. Research before undertaking any home improvement project for the material and procedures.


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

We work jointly with our clients to remodel kitchens and bathrooms to your desired design. We work on your kitchen and bathroom by installing new flooring, cabinets, and countertops among others.

Heating and cooling installations and repairs

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are integral in providing comfort in your home. We will inspect your heating or air conditioning system to offer the best advice on whether it should be repaired or replaced. We have a skilled team of technicians experienced in all types of HVAC, including the latest models.

Windows installation and repairs

Installing new windows in your property will change the overall appearance and value of your property. If you require installing, new windows or repairing a broken window, we will be at your service. We will also help select the best windows for your house.

Roof installation/ renovation

Make your home look new by installing a new roof. Our experts will be glad to work with you to renovate or install a new roof in your property. Other home improvement services we offer include; Vinyl siding installation and garage door installation among other. Talk to us for all your home improvement needs.

How To Buy The Best Kitchen Appliances

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be a difficult task. You must take caution to make sure that you get the best equipment for your need. These tips will help you to come select quality appliances for your kitchen.

• Seek advice. Before shopping for kitchen appliances, speak to friends and relatives for help. They will advise you on appliances that have bought and suffered loss. You will also learn about the excellent appliances they use that you can buy.

• Consider not only the appearance. Some kitchen appliances are catchy to the eye, but their performance is dismal. The look must correlate to the functionality of the kitchen appliances.

• Consider the available space. Avoid disappointments by selecting kitchen appliances that fit in the available space in your kitchen. Take measurements before buying. Besides, consider elements such as how the doors open like for fridges and cookers.

• Avoid impulse buying. Conduct adequate research before buying kitchen appliances. Strike a balance between price and quality as you make your purchases.


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