5 Common Air Conditioning Problems You Should Look out For

During the hot seasons of the year, an AC is usually an essential electronic equipment every home should have. It helps to replace the warm air that makes living unbearable to some cool air that bring comfort in the house. The Air conditioner is used in the hot season and kept safe during the colder seasons to be used again in the summer.

However, air conditioners like any other electronic device need regular maintenance by an air-conditioning company. This is because some of the parts of an AC become faulty or wear out after prolonged use.

When maintenance is not observed, air conditioning problems slip in, meaning that your air conditioner is not operating as required. Below are 5 Common Air Conditioning Problems You Should Look out For:

1.Leaking refrigerant.

A leaking refrigerant is a common air conditioning company. The refrigerant is a part of the AC through which warm air passes through and is cooled down. When the refrigerant is leaking, the air produced at the other end will still be warm.

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Most people make the mistake of trying to refill the leaky areas on their own; this never solves the problem. To rectify a leaking refrigerant,you should call in a professional to work on the leaking refrigerant from the root cause.

2. The fan controls and compressor are worn out.

An air conditioner is a system with so many parts working together to meet a similar goal. When one part is worn out or broken, the whole system is compromised thus affecting the result.

Worn out fans or compressor is a very common air conditioning problem in homes because of invariably turning the AC on and off.

In case you hear some strange sounds from the air conditioner, never assume them. Contact your trusted air conditioner repair professional to check it out. Timely repairs on the fan and compressor will save you from replacing the whole air conditioning system if the problem affects other parts.

3.Dirty air filter.

The air filter cleans the air that passes through the air conditioner. As time passes by, the air filter is clogged with dust,debris, and dirt affecting the general function of the AC. It makes the air conditioner work so hard thus being less efficient.

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Air filter replacement should be as per you air filter’s manufacturer. They will always have a guide for you on how regularly the air filter should be replaced. Timely replacement of the air filter ensures the air conditioner works well and produces clean air.

4.Compromised AC’s Electrical connections.

All air conditioners have electrical connections that circulate power throughout the air conditioner.Sometimes, rodents find their way into the Aircon and destroy the crucial wires. This results in the air conditioner stopping suddenly and not operating again.

If such an air conditioning problem occurs, you should call a professional to come and fix the wiring of the air conditioner. This will solve the whole issue.

5.Poor house insulation.

Another air conditioning problem is poor insulation of the house. We don’t always have to blame the AC.In some instances, you may be very disciplined when it comes to maintaining the AC meaning that it operates properly. But at the end of the day, your house remains hot. This means that maybe your windows or doors are leaking the cool air. The walls may also leak cool air, leaving you high bills while the house is unbearably hot. In such instances, you should make sure your house insulation is good.

The above are some of the common air conditioning problems that are only solved by being cautious and disciplined when it comes to maintenance.