7 Foods That Improve Mood And Fight Depression

Mood swings are a common problem among people in today’s society. Eating sweets are known to reduce these moods to a certain level. Apart from that, research has been carried out over various foods well known to handle this problem, and various outcomes have been found as discussed below.

Foods rich in omega 3 and have fatty acids. Among the animals which are rich in fatty acids include fish especially sardines and salmon. Plants products, on the other hand, are walnuts, canola oil, and purslane.

These foods are known to boost the brain so much thus reducing depression and increasing one’s moods.

Yoghurt is known to contain probiotics which have bacteria in it. Plants like sauerkraut also contain this bacteria .when one takes probiotic foods their gut symptoms and bowel are relied thus on reducing depression and increasing moods because these bacteria send signals to the brain and back.


Millet, bulgur, and wild rice are foods containing vitamin B. these foods can be said to be whole grain and mostly convert glucose into energy. These foods are important to the brain as they accelerate it.

The fleshy juice in watermelon makes you feel wow! This is because the watermelon has lycopene responsible for making consumers happy.

Watermelon also makes one’s skin look healthy and has a good waist which keeps one happy.

Garlic is equipped with chromium mineral that keeps you happy .this is because chromium is known to reduce depression. Garlic also controls Serotonin levels in the body thus makes one not to feel pain.
Grapefruit which contains vitamin c is well known worldwide for boosting mood and the brain .this is because they contain low sugar levels appropriate as brain boosters.

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Carrot is another food to boost your mood and reduce depression. The feeling of biting carrot makes you feel so special. How you crunch it on your teeth and the sound it makes is enough to keep you going all day.

In conclusion, the above foods should be included in one’s diet and grocery. This will greatly impact in boosting moods and reducing depression.

Source: http://www.crystalwind.ca