Best Autumn Home Decor Ideas

This time of year brings with it a surge of wonderful autumn home decor ideas. Your home is the perfect place to escape the chaos of the holiday season. Take your living room, dining room, or bedroom and give it a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture. Your decorating project doesn’t have to be costly. With a little planning, your budget will be able to stretch to more items.

One of the most common fall home decor ideas is the installation of a new table. There are many ways to display fall decorations in your dining room, kitchen, or even your family room. For a beautiful touch, you may consider adding an autumn-colored tablecloth to your dining table. Using simple yet beautiful DIY leaf patterns you can easily create a warm and inviting look in any room in your home during the fall season.

This easy DIY idea will bring your outdoor spaces to life. Start by emptying your best fall decorative finds and gathering your tools. An easy mason jar is an ideal base for this type of decor. Use your favorite flower to create a bow on the top and then fill it with sand. An empty wine cork ring will do the trick as well as a few autumn flowers. You can find these cute containers at many discount stores or online.

Create an interesting centerpiece

One of the most popular autumn home decor ideas is to create an interesting centerpiece that features leaves for your interior design. Using orange, red, yellow, and brown autumn leaves will certainly give any garden a festive feel. These are perfect for a family meeting or simply to add a splash of color when hosting an evening party. To give your centerpiece a warm and inviting look, you can use white glue to glue small shells or pebbles onto the bottom of the leaves.

pumpkin as fall decoration

Use a pumpkin

Another fantastic fall decor idea is to create a beautiful autumn centerpiece with a pumpkin. If you are hosting an outdoor fall occasion, a simple pumpkin centerpiece is one of the easiest fall decor ideas to pull off. Pumpkins are one of the most loved fall gifts and can be used to dress up even a dull table or just to make your yard appear to be more festive. To make a pumpkin centerpiece look even more festive, place small pieces of colored ribbon along its body. This ribbon is great for spicing up your fall garden parties.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home during the fall months, there are a few key pieces that you will want to incorporate into your decorating scheme. In particular, if you are hosting a party, you’ll want to have scented candles available. Scented candles in autumn are especially spectacular–they pair wonderfully with the warm tones of apple, cinnamon, and honey. If you are looking for some more inexpensive yet stunning fall home decor ideas, you might also want to purchase a rustic iron candle holder and place it on a shelf by your front door. The warm glow of the candle will provide just the right touch to your room’s centerpiece.

Think about the table runner

Fall is also a wonderful time to think about the table runner. One of the most elegant, yet affordable ways to add table runners to your home decor is to purchase a beautiful round table runner that features three different autumn colors. Look for flecks of red, green, and gold in the metallic silver flecks to design your fall decor. You could also choose a decorative runner that features two or four different colored flecks so that your table looks complete.

Add a few throw pillows

To complete your fall-themed home decor, you may also want to add a few throw pillows. Fall pillows are a great way to liven up your seating and provide comfort during those cold months. Fall throw pillows are usually available at many places that sell home decor items, including retail stores, furniture stores, discount warehouse clubs, and even online. Pillows can be an inexpensive way to dress up a lifeless chair or sofa and are the perfect addition to any home decor theme.