Best Storage Ideas For Tiny Homes

Storage Ideas for Tiny Homes are needed in any household and even more so in a tiny house. It’s really hard to put stuff away when the only place to put it in the garage or the attic. There are some unique solutions for storage for tiny homes that can make your life easier. Here are my top tips.


Shelves can be an excellent solution for extra storage space. You can add them to your kitchen quickly and easily if you are limited by space. They fit snugly under the cupboards and can be slid behind doors or over the counter. They have many uses, including hanging small appliances and table linens.

Wall shelves are also another option for a tiny house. They are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms. You can find them mounted on walls or free-standing. You can have several small shelves placed in a row to hold your toothbrush, soap, detergent, or cleaning supplies. They make a good place to display your dishes and they make a great place to put the remote controls.

shelves as storage idea for tiny house


Drawers are another storage idea for tiny homes. They come in all shapes sizes and designs. Depending on your decorating needs, you can choose drawers with glass tops or wooden tops. The drawer slides out to provide easy access to stored items. If your living area has no closet space at all, you can consider placing a pair of hanging shoe racks near the door for easy shoe access.

Storage wall

Another useful storage idea for tiny living areas is a storage wall. One idea is to build a raised loft or small wall in your kitchen. A storage wall provides great convenience when storing small appliances, pots, and pans, dishes, books, or other collections. You can use wall shelves to hold extra knickknacks. This will also add visual interest to your tiny abode and will make your home look larger.

Closet compartments

Closet compartments are another solution for extra storage space. You can build closet shelves from plastic or wooden shelves. This will allow you to organize clutter from long gone items without worrying about damaging your walls. You can build shelves to store only certain items or you can create shelving by using several smaller shelves. Closet shelves have many benefits such as being easier to clean, being stationary, and having more storage than using cabinets.

close compartments

Baskets and hooks

There are several other storage ideas for tiny spaces that use clever designs and good storage ideas. Using baskets and hooks as a way to store folded laundry can be a smart storage solution. Baskets and hooks make good dividers and can be used to store extra linens or dishes. If you are moving, you can use baskets to create an easy way to transport your possessions. You can have a few small drawers located in strategic locations to hold extra clothes or toys.

Packing cubes similar to Lego

Finally, you should consider some modern tiny house storage ideas. You can use containers to pack things in, such as plastic shopping bags. Or, you can use packing cubes, a storage system that is similar to Lego. You can put cubes together to form a larger cube, then seal the cube and store it in the proper location. Or, you can use packing tape to attach small sheets of foam to any smooth surface inside your house. These are just some simple ideas, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

To sum up

For a tiny house kitchen, consider buying some wall storage solutions. These can include revolving cutting boards, heavy-duty wooden boards, or glass boards. Many cutting boards come with rubber grips to keep your hands safe from cuts. Another idea is a wire grid that you can drill into to create a storage solution for cutlery, pots, pans, and other items. And don’t forget to use plastic boxes to pack things away.

The list of items for storage in the tiny living room and dining room will be quite long. But just start by adding these few storage ideas for tiny houses and you’ll see how much more you can organize in these rooms. When you have a home office and a dining room that you can relax in, you’ll be happy that you made these changes to your homes.