Best Tips To Add Color To Your Home Decor

Color can do wonders for your home decorating. Using just a few keystrokes of paint can make a room look new. Using delicate colors such as pastels will ease in color in your interior design quite easily. You can even add more bold statement colors if you’re willing to take a risk with a bolder color choice such as red.

How to Choose Color schemes for Bedroom

How to add color to your home decor is fairly simple. As a general rule of thumb for choosing colors for your home, choose light pastel hues for a modern look, medium to dark purples and greens for a country look, and dark blues and greens for a classic style. It’s also helpful to coordinate accessories and bedding so that the entire room is cohesive and works well together. If you don’t have a theme already planned, start by choosing complementary colors from your existing room plan and adding just a touch of something new to the space.

Accents in Bedroom

How to add color to your home decor is quite easy. All you need to do is add some accent pieces that pop against the walls. Pops of red apple or cinnamon ribbon work well with black and white frames, for example. Decorate with these accents in your master bedroom and be sure to use plenty of coordinating throw pillows as well.

home decor colorful accents

Living Rooms

How to add color to your home decor is quite simple. Just pick up some coordinating rugs, such as an Indian blanket rug that goes with your sofa or couch set or a neutral-colored accent rug. Decorating with rugs is easy because there are virtually endless ways to accessorize. You can use shirred, sequined and brocade throws in bold colors or chooses a more eclectic look with patchwork and crocheted edging. Crocheted mats in neutral shades like cream or yellow work well with a leather couch or accent chair and pillows in the same shade.

Is the living Room Tired of the same old gray, brown, and black? Try adding a splash of color! Try using blues, pinks, and oranges for your living room, giving a totally different feel to it. Switch out your blinds, throw pillows and throw blankets with exciting prints that go great with your modern furniture or with antique pieces. Throw in some brightly colored cushions and throw rugs to really take your living room from blah to wow!

dining room with pop of color

Dining Room

How to add color to your home decor is quite simple. Just find some complementary tableware and accent pieces, such as a coffee table with a decorative mirrored top. A floral-printed tablecloth would be gorgeous on a dining table, complete with a rug that matches or coordinates with the dining room carpet and curtains or drapes. Matching napkins and dishes also go nicely.

Denim decor lends itself perfectly to fun and funky color schemes. Try mixing and matching patterns, especially if your sofa is done in plain leather. This will add interesting depth to neutral living room furniture and accessories. Think about adding a couple of throw pillows made from the same material as your sofa or accent chair.

Accent Pieces

For the perfect touch of color, try picking up some accent pieces to add color to your home decor. If you have a plain white or cream sofa, choose a unique accent piece to add color to the room. Pops are a fun and inexpensive way to add color to your home. Use pops to create an interesting pop of color in an area that might already be decorated. From wall art to throw pillows and cushions, you’ll be sure to find many ways to add color to your home with accent pieces.