How Many Miles Do Motorcycles Last?

If you do not abuse the engines of your motorcycle and also properly maintain them on a regular basis, they will last as long as possible. Some of the reasons why some motorcycles do not achieve long mileage are because they are abused and therefore get crashed on the way, neglecting them is also another cause for failing to achieve high mileage.

Therefore, it is important to note that this question of ‘how many miles do a motorcycle last’ basically depends on how well you are taking care of your motorcycle.

So long as you maintain it regularly and consistently change the oil, and if you do not also abuse your machine, then the motorcycle, as well as its engine, will be in a position to last you a lifetime. And who does not want that, am certain you want it, so the best thing to do is to take care of your motorcycle.

If you want to ride your motorcycle for the longest time, or you are planning to get a second-hand motorcycle or rather you want to sell yours. We have the right information for you; this information will help you to learn how you can maintain your bike to increase its life and also inform you of the right time to discard your motorcycle.


Constantly change the oil as well as the battery water, you can also go ahead to make some small adjustments as you also tighten some screws that might be loose as well as replacing the screws that have rust. The engine, as well as the battery, is the most crucial organs of a bike. Therefore it is important that you do a regular servicing and oiling of the battery.

In case you notice any rust on the steel frames, they should be done away with as soon a possible, this is because failure to do this, it might worsen and end up reducing your bikes lifespan. Avoid exposing your bike’s frame to severe elements; by doing this, your bike will last a lifetime.

Your bike’s tires should be checked every week, however, most people ignore this, but it is one of the most crucial elements of a bike. Therefore you should not overlook it; you should always ensure that the pressure is at the recommended level.


You should also ensure that your drive chain is of the right tightness, it normally stretches after some time of use, you should, therefore, ensure that it does not get very loose with time. You should also ensure that you lubricate the chains; this will help the chains to flex smoothly.

By looking at the supported lifespan of the manufacturers, you will know that it is time you discard your motorcycle. You can as well look at the odometer which will be in a position to tell you your bike’s age, and from this, you will able to determine whether it is time you discard it or not.

If you properly maintain your bike and do not abuse it, it will last a lifetime.