How To Clean Your Carpet Like A Pro

The carpet must remain clean at all times. For this to be achievable, you must know how to clean a carpet like a pro. You can keep your carpet looking new by learning how to clean stains on the carpet. If your carpet has blood stains, use water and a mild detergent to soften the stain, and then apply hydrogen peroxide solution on the stain. It will foam and dissolve.

For chewing gum stains, use ice cubes to freeze the gum. When removing stains, consider blotting rather than rubbing stains. Rubbing stains enable the stains to get deeper into the carpet fibers. Use shaving cream to remove stains. Shaving cream can remove nearly all types of stains. Apply the cream on the stain and allow it to stand for around 30 minutes before blotting it out with a clean piece of cloth.