How to Deal With Bullying

Bullying makes you feel unlikeable, different and alone. Above all, it is abusive, disturbing and ugly with lethal consequences. When being bullied, you tend to ask yourself ‘why me’ and you naturally feel that there’s something wrong with you.

Traditionally, bullying was associated with children but today, even adults are being bullied, either in their workplaces or in the social media. According to statistics, one in every four children is bullied at some point and adults bullying is very common in the workplace, hospitals, in the military, nursing homes and at home.

If you want to successfully handle bullying, you must understand how to respond and because we care so much about you, here’s how you can deal with it.

Show minimal reaction to the bullying

People that bully you are looking forward to getting under your skin and anytime they learn that they’re getting what they want, they feel encouraged. In other words, bullies get their satisfaction when they succeed in making you feel uncomfortable.

how to deal with bullying

They are looking for attention and if they learn that they have already succeeded in emotionally hurting you, they will come back to bully you even more. Therefore, don’t show the bullies that you are being affected or hurt; just walk away with a smile as if you don’t mind them. If they keep coming back, stand for yourself and tell them that you have other better things to do and surely, they will stop bullying you.

Feel the inner strength

It goes without saying that everyone has an inner strength to count on when feeling weak. This means that even when you are feeling you can’t cope with bullying, the inner strength can help you overcome it. In most cases, bullies understand that you too have inner strength and they want to belittle you, make you feel weak so that they succeed. Therefore, if you want to overcome bullying, believe that you are strong and never allow bullies to get under your skin.

Outsmart the bully

Are you wondering how to deal with bullying? Well, it’s very simple and should never scare you or prevent you from doing things according to your full potential. Generally, bullies think they are smart but they’re not and you can use this to your advantage.


For instance, laughing at everything they say will frustrate them. This means that when they throw insults at you, consider it as something funny and laugh really loud. Obviously, bullies want you to cry so when they realize that you keep laughing at everything they say, they feel ashamed and keep away from you.

Talk to your parents or a friend

Your parents or friends might not understand everything that happens in your life unless you tell them and trust me, you can excellently deal with bullying by talking to them. You can fully trust that your parents will give you a shoulder to cry on.

However, if you want to share with a friend, choose the one you trust that no matter how bad your situation is, they won’t spread to other people. Once you decide who to tell, schedule the most appropriate time when no one is stressed out and pour your heart out; tell them what you are going through and they will definitely help you.

Choose the people you associate with wisely

Bullies try all they can to make you feel bad about yourself. Surround yourself with people who treat you with the respect you deserve. That way, you’ll find a reason to increase your confidence and happiness and no matter how bad bullying is, you’ll always find a way to handle it.

Final thoughts

Traditionally, bullying was recognized as a right of passage but things are getting out of hands and bullying is currently recognized as a serious problem. There are different types of bullying such as verbal, electronic, psychological or social, and physical bullying and all of them have detrimental effects.

If you have been dealing with bullying and you feel you can’t take it anymore, the above tips will be of help to you. Most importantly, when you get out of bullying, remember to help someone who’s undergoing the same.