How to take 360-degree photos on iPhone and iPad

Pictures that can be viewed in 360 degrees offers a more in-depth experience compared to a standard photo. Facebook provides support for these photos hence users can either use their finger or the inbuilt gyroscope on their phones to look through an imitated environment.

A 360 degrees photo is not only cool to view on facebook but also in VR. These pictures make you feel as if you were present when they were being captured. It is also gratifying to sit inside a picture and physically take a look at the environment. Below are detailed methods of taking such photos using iPhone or iPad.

Inbuilt camera app

This app is easy to use for iPad and iPhone users. You only need to open the app on your phone, select shooting mode from the Panorama and then capture your desired panoramic image. However, it is essential to ensure that the photos have a specific given width to enable Facebook to recognize them as 360 degrees compatible.


Since it is not easy to measure the width when using the inbuilt camera, you ought to take a full length for the panoramic shot to achieve the desired width. After capturing the panoramic photo, the next step is to open facebook and choose the picture from your library.

The easiest way to recognize the photo is by looking for one with a small spherical icon mark at the bottom left side of the thumbnail. After selecting the picture, you are supposed to see a preview of an almost 360 photo for facebook.

In case it fails to work, delete the post and start afresh to kick the analysis algorithm for the panoramic photo in action. When everything is ok, add a caption, then click publish for your friends to see the picture on facebook.

Insta360 Nano

This camera makes taking and posting 360 photos very cheap and easy. To take a photo, you only need to plug into your iPad or iPhone the Insta360 Nano through the lightning. You will then be required to launch the app and click the button for capturing your photo.

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To achieve excellent results, ensure that you are holding the camera firmly in your hand without shaking at all. You can also insert a MicroSD card through the TF Card slot found at the bottom of your gadget and tap the button to capture an image when the LED indicates green.

After capturing the required image, touch the icon for sharing and select export as a panorama instead of tapping directly to social media. It is after the photo is exported that you will be able to share via Facebook.

If you can see a circular icon at the right-hand side corner, then be sure all is well, and Facebook can now reconstruct your photo into360 environment.

The takeaway

The introduction of 360 photo and VR headsets on Facebook is rapidly gaining traction. Use your iPhone or iPad to capture and share the 360 photos without any struggle. You will realize that its more fun and exciting to your friends compared to the usual caption.