Hurricane-resistant Windows: Cost And Advantages

Storm-proof or hurricane-resistant windows are made with impact -resistant glass treated with a layer of ethylene-vinyl acetate or polyvinyl butyral. The impact-resistant glasses will possibly shatter as a result of the strong impact of flying objects.

However, other than sending out flying glass shards, the windows crack in a spider-web fine, fine pattern and remain attached to the inner window frame membrane. Here is a look at the cost and advantages of hurricane-resistant windows.


Hurricane-resistant windows will definitely increase the overall value of construction, but you will enjoy the excellent protection they provide during the stormy season. Investing in hurricane -resistant windows might compensate for the cost incurred by averting storm damage.

The approximate cost of a decent hurricane-resistant window is forty to fifty-five US dollars per square foot of the glass area, including the frame.

According to research statistics, installing stormproof windows on a new home only increases the construction cost by some thousand dollars. : offers the most affordable hurricane windows.


Averagely, a sliding window 72 by 80 inches goes for around $1920 while a hurricane impact door 60 by 80 inches goes for about $1850. A hurricane single-hung window goes for approximately $500 to $600.


As stated earlier, no glass is ultimately break-proof. One of the significant advantages of hurricane-resistant windows is breaking in a way that does not send out dangerous flying glass shards.

Other benefits of this type of glass include; ability to withstand winds up to two hundred mph without breaking and blocks about ninety-five per cent of transmitted ultraviolet light.


More so, it could also qualify you for the homeowner discounted insurance rates that will reduce your insurance cost by about forty-five per cent. Lastly, hurricane windows provide perfect insulation against sound, and they are available in different sizes and styles to match your home d├ęcor.