Prepare Your Paddio For Winter

Winter is characterized by harsh weather that can ruin your outdoor furniture. Your patio is an excellent area for relaxing during summer. You cannot let the winter weather to ruin your amazing summer memories. This is how you can prepare your outdoor open-air oasis for winter.

Consider acquiring new benches and lighting

If you want to be spending time in your patio in winter, consider acquiring weatherproof seats that can be moved around. Recycled plastic chairs are ideal for this weather. Choose seats that can accommodate several guests.

Prepare Your Paddio For Winter

Buying new furniture can be costly; you may purchase heavy duty covers for your furniture. The seat covers must be weather resistant. Besides, remember to secure additional lighting to make your patio more welcoming since in winter and fall its get darker earlier.

Remove and store the furniture

If your outdoor furniture can’t stand the weather in winter, consider removing them from the patio and store them in the house or the balcony or garage. If you choose to store them in the balcony or garage, make sure they are covered with garbage bags to secure them for the effects of the adverse weather.

Before removing the furniture and all other accessories, conduct a thorough cleanup to remove dust and debris.

Clean the area

If your patio is close to trees, clean the area by sweeping and collecting the leaves and other debris that may have accumulated in the courtyard to avoid the debris being covered by snow when winter sets in. Wash the floor and bricks in the patio to keep them ready for spring.

Take care of the upholstery

Upholstery on umbrellas, ottomans, and chairs need to be thoroughly cleaned. Cushions and other soft surfaces need thorough cleaning and drying before storage. If you store upholstery while still damp, you will attract molds that can ruin them. Make repairs before storing the upholstery. Use stain removal products if you detect any stains on these materials.

Clean the barbeque grill

Most people forget to clean the BBQ grill before winter. If you use charcoal in the grill empty the ash before cleaning.

Use a de-greasing agent to clean the BBQ grill thoroughly. If you use gas, disable the lines and store the equipment in a cool, dry place. Make sure to read the user manual to know how to store the grill.

Install floor shades

At times you may want to spend time in your patio during winter. But how can you achieve this? Installing ceiling or floor shades in the patio will shield you from the wind chill in winter. Shades made of wood or bamboo are most common. These are excellent additions to your patio that will make it look amazing besides making it more comfortable.


Preparing your patio for winter will save your furniture and other accessories in the patio from the adverse effects of the weather in winter. Remove any items that cannot stand winter. Consider weather resistant covers for your furniture.

Add furniture and plants that can bear the winter weather to your patio. Today there are many outdoor types of furniture and other accessories designed for winter. You can still enjoy your time in your patio in winter by making a few necessary changes.