Should You Consider Living in Big City

It used to be a bittersweet experience to return home from a long day at work, but now, Do you like living in the big city or in a small village? This also saw the rise of cities as the skilled workers started to live by themselves near the big industries and the factories where they were employed. Some of them chose to rent an apartment by the week in a good neighborhood close to the workplace so that they could enjoy the fresh air, convenient transport, and the nightlife nearby.

But this trend has been changing over the last few decades, as many people have started looking for more space and modern amenities that are not available in big cities. In addition to these factors, there are many other factors that contribute to the rising cost of living in big cities such as the high cost of utilities, skyrocketing land costs, lack of adequate employment opportunities, and lack of social amenities. So what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in modern cities? Let’s look at some of them.

view of big city

A higher standard of living

Big cities have a higher standard of living and there is less unemployment compared to smaller towns and villages. On the other hand, big cities have a higher standard of education and there are many people with advanced degrees living in them. This means that the competition for jobs is much fierce in a big city. This leads to more productivity, higher salaries, and improved standards of living. However, on the flip side, there are many people who do not get to enjoy the same quality of life because of the high cost of living in these cities.

The population is spread out

There are also some disadvantages associated with big cities. For instance, the population is spread out over a large area, which leads to slower overall growth. This is especially true in the case of developed countries like the US. As a result, there are opportunities for inefficiencies and a greater chance of corruption in public institutions. This leads to less social participation, less efficient distribution of resources, and lower standards of living.

Depends on many factors

It must be noted that all of these disadvantages have their own specific definition. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize the above-mentioned disadvantages of living in a big city. There are several other factors and variables involved. There are many factors such as location, amenities, lifestyle, culture, and a lot more that can have an impact on the quality of life. These are only some of the many factors that influence the quality of life. In such a case, it is hard to say whether or not modern cities have certain disadvantages and advantages.

Still, there is some debate as to whether or not living in big cities has disadvantages or not. Most people living in modern cities feel that there are a few disadvantages, while others believe that there are almost no disadvantages. Still, everyone will have a different point of view and perspective about the matter.

view of big cityview of big city

Depends on the lifestyle

Living in a big city is not without its disadvantages. There are many factors involved in determining what the disadvantages are. In order to get the best understanding of these factors, one needs to look into the many aspects and components of living in such a city. The lifestyle of inhabitants in this area is highly diverse, which results in a mix of cultures and lifestyles. Another important aspect is that of employment with a great number of people having the possibility of getting employed in the public and private sectors.


The above mentioned are just a few of the many factors and facets that can lead to disadvantages of living in big cities. The list is quite long considering the many aspects and components that make up the modern metropolis. In order to assess whether living in a big city has any disadvantages or not, it is important to determine what the positive and negative aspects are. One should then be able to come up with an appropriate compromise between the two. Ideally, people would like both advantages and disadvantages, and would therefore have to settle for something in between.