5 Amazing Finishing Touches for an Unfinished Home

Decorating is a great way to mask unfinished house works, resulting in a home that appears more finished. But how can you achieve such a feat? It’s easier than you might think. Covering up the unfinished bits of your home can be a creative process for the whole family to enjoy. Get started by gathering some inspiration from these tips and tricks that can make your home look ready in a bit. 

Use paintings to decorate empty walls

This bit is especially important if you still haven’t gotten to the part where you paint your walls. Grey walls add to a more contemporary effect, even more since concrete is trending in interior design this year. So, simply adding a couple of lush frames with abstract modern art will make the walls come to life in an instant. There are more ways you can use art to cover up unfinished bits. For example, placing statues or sculptures where there are still leftover holes to fill can be a good idea. Furthermore, even mirrors can have an interesting, yet subtle effect, especially if they are large and decorated with a bronze or brass frame to add a bit of mystery to the scene.


Group smaller accessories together  

When accessorizing, think about the rule of three, and by that, we mean creating odd-numbered sets of accessories which can help you make the room look more natural and weighted. Singular objects have far less visual weight on their own and attract less attention. If you leave all your accent pieces placed individually all around the room, you risk making it seem even emptier. Instead of dispersing visual attention like this, you should try grouping similar objects together in order to form a coherent display. This way, the visual weight can be centered on several sets of displays and add more volume to an empty room. 

Rugs are always a good flooring idea

Whether you have invested in a traditionally styled parquet solution or modern laminate flooring, rugs are going to make a difference either way. Any home that might seem undone is surely going to appear more complete with the right choice of carpeting. When deciding what kind of rugs are most suitable for your floors, you should keep in mind two things – the size and the color. If a room is small, then getting a large carpet can only make it seem even smaller. When it comes to color, make sure to match or complement the color of the rug to your walls, because that’s what makes them look really interesting. You can buy quality rugs at Miss Amara from New Zealand online and get them shipped anywhere in the world. The rugs they offer originate from all over the world and they are hand-picked to suit many customers’ needs and tastes.


Add more texture to create more depth

Complementing, mixing and matching colors will add some pizazz to a regular room, but if the room is unfinished, colors won’t create a strong enough effect. That’s where texture comes in and brings more dimensions to your space. By choosing linings, blankets and pillows of the same color, but the different texture, you will create a stunning effect that adds more depth to any room. Try not to mix different patterns with different colors, because then you risk making a mess. Choose one accent color and change many textures through it, and you will see how new dimensions of the room emerge as you implement more and more different fabrics.

Don’t underestimate the power of greenery 

Although you might think that plants are trivial décor elements and rarely noticeable compared to statement art and luxury pieces of furniture – you might be very wrong. Plants can be real attention stealers, especially if the flowers are big and colorful. The planting trend has been blooming throughout interior design during the past few years since people crave to bring more of the outside in, thus making them perfectly stylish décor elements. Not only do plants make great finishing touches, but they are also air purifiers, which makes them the healthiest home decoration you could possibly have. 


Keep in mind that these universal tips can only work as inspiration. You need to experiment on your own a bit to see what kind of solution fits best for your home until you complete it and make it truly finished.