Best Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Yes, there certainly are lots of small bedrooms storage ideas out there, but what is the best? Which ones should you use? Should you just put boxes in a bunch and call it a day or develop a game plan and work out the best small bedroom storage ideas that work for you? Well, no, not at all – you should think through your storage options first. You need good organization, not clutter.

Avoid bulky furniture

Boxes, cabinets, and other furniture for small bedroom storage ideas don’t work well because they are bulky and cluttering. It’s fine if the top of the cabinet is made of wood, but make sure it’s lacquered so it doesn’t show dirt and dust. You don’t want to have to clean up a pile of dust every time you open the drawer. You could try painting the drawers so they don’t look like boxes anymore, but again, you want to make sure they can hold all your clothes and other belongings. This type of furniture will just end up in a storage box somewhere and be forgotten about.

organized small bedroom

Keep everything organized

The organization is the key to getting the best small bedroom furniture. You might think that this task is impossible with the limited space available in your bedroom to keep your home organized but there are actually a few different types of furniture that are extremely effective and perfect for storage reasons. Bedside tables are the best because you actually use them for keeping books, manuals, magazines, and other reading material as well as extra bits and pieces to make your room more organized. Here are some bedside table ideas to help you save space and maximize what you have in your bedroom.

Use built-in storage

The best small bedroom storage ideas for dressers are those that are built-in. While the built-in dressers that come with your standard upright piano models are extremely efficient and sturdy, some people don’t find the built-in styles to be their cup of tea. If this is the case, then you can look into the many storage cabinets, chests, and other forms of furniture that have been designed to be built-in into your standard home-improvement store fixtures.

shelves in small bedroom

Use shelves

Shelves are also very important storage space savers for small bedrooms. You want to look for ones that feature built-in compartments and shelves that are stackable. This way you won’t have to empty the unit to store items and you’ll be able to utilize all of the storage space underneath for things like socks or underwear. There are plenty of styles and designs that feature built-in compartments and shelves so take your time to browse the look online until you find a set that will work for your decor.

Consider a combination of shelves and cabinets/drawers

Another excellent choice for small bedroom storage ideas is a combination of shelves and cabinets/drawers. Many storage boxes and racks are made of metal, so if you’re looking for a contemporary look, then these types of decorative furnishings may not be right for your home. But if you’re more into traditional style, then there’s plenty of those to choose from as well. Just remember to look for matte metal surfaces and rounded edges so that your decorative items will look neat and tidy.

shelves and cabinets in small bedroom

Cabinets and drawers are great small bedroom ideas since they offer plenty of room to store bed linen, extra clothes and shoes, toys, and other decorative ornaments. They will improve the functionality of your room drastically. But how do you use them? In general, it’s a good idea to keep your decorative items on the bottom shelves, while the more important ones are on the higher shelves. This way you won’t have to keep trudging back and forth to retrieve something when you need it. You also won’t have to stack things up in the drawers because the bed frame will do that for you.

Use the space on closet doors

Another great addition to small bedroom furniture is closet doors. These are ideal because they take up little floor space and make it easy to access your wardrobe and other items. There are many types of closet doors to choose from, so it’s always a good idea to browse through some online photo galleries to get an idea of what is available. For instance, hanging closet doors are great if you want to create more open space in your bedroom. Hanging doors can come in different materials, including wood and metal, and usually feature open shelves or panels for hanging clothes or toys.