How Do I Get My Kids To Be More Outside

Parents who encourage their kids to play more while indoors face a huge task in overturning such a behaviour when outdoor playing is introduced. Children may develop a habit of self-contentment when they become used to indoors.

This behaviour should be discouraged at all cost since it may affect your child’s social and emotional behaviour. There is a huge world to explore out there, and every child should be introduced to it.

Don’t encourage your kids to fall captive of gadgets that deprive them of participating in any physical activity outdoors.

You need to see here and learn some of the tricks to help you encourage your kid to play outside.

Bring the Indoors Out


One brilliant idea that could effectively work is moving some of the indoor activities to te outdoor. If you have a craft room or supplies inside and a relatively larger space in your yard or porch erect a simple structure for the crafting activities. In this way, you stand a chance to attract your kids to have more fun outside doing what they like. It will bring about consistency, which will ultimately influence their decision to want to play outside.

Teach Your Kids Old Tricks

In early times, fun and excitement were achieved by participating in outdoor activities. Games like tagging are still relevant today and could help your kid become more acquainted to the outdoors.

Encourage your kids and show them some of the ancient games played that still date to now. Sharing memories with your kid will also help improve your relationship.

Be Challenging

little girl

Outgoing children love competing and challenging each other to duels and competitions. Try to bring a sense of competition in your family. Challenge the kids to an outdoor game and introduce an award for the winner. Stage manage the defeat, and they will feel good and accept another challenge. You could invite them for a game of badminton or football whichever suits their interest.