Minimalist Travel Packing List

Traveling is an excellent adventure to everybody, especially if it’s a new place and far away from your area. As usual, you need to have a packing list.

You should choose what to carry and what to leave. For a comfort adventure, carrying a small luggage is the best decision you can make.So, what is a minimalist Travel Packing List should you have when traveling?

Clothes Bag


All the clothing should be staffed into medium sized bags. Choose the bags with compression straps so that you can super-tight the package. Maintain the clothes fabrics durable, quick drying, and lightweight. Keep your compact bag on the lower parts of the main compartment.

Bottom base

The reaming bottom space should be filled by the tight base or a fleece jacket which does not allow any shifting or sling movements.

Electronic Gear

When packing electrical such as laptop, pack a small laptop and make sure it protected by a protective case into as a separate sleeve. You can either use the open hydration bladder pocket or zippered pocket for the flat surface against the back. Place your lens, camera and SLR, wrap them in a tight and fitting case in a safe position, preferably central. It’s great post to read to acquire knowledge.

Protective Padding

A light or a sleep sheet is great for creating space around the electrical gear for a stable and secure fit.

Fill up space


At this point, the traveling bag should be half full. The remaining odds should be used to fill up the remaining hole and spaces. You can take first aid kits, dirty clothes, battery bags, assorted cable and toiletry kits with the medicines.

Top end items

When the bag is a half full or three-quarters full, use the top parts of the bag for the items you would wish to access quickly during the day. You can carry an affordable daypack for the sightseeing tours is a great additional gear to carry along. Don’t forget to compress your rain jacket and you should choose the handy one. Lastly, leave space for the additional item you may buy on tour.For more info click here.