What ToBuy- House Or Apartment?

Choosing between a house and an apartment is an uphill task. The choice depends on a number of factors such as personal preference, finances, your lifestyle and the goals you have in life. Some people prefer living in the city surrounded by others; this is not the case for others who prefer to be in a private place in the suburbs. If you are investing, this becomes a different game.

No matter your choice, you must look at the pros and cons of both options.Let’s look deeper at the Pros of buying a house.


• Living in a house comes along with privacy. In a home, you are not too close to your neighbors as the case is in an apartment. You are free to live your life with limited influence and disturbance from your neighbors.


• Space for expansion. If you choose to buy a house, you have extra space you can build a spare room.

• Buying a house comes with flexibility. You can renovate the house, expand or upgrade by adding value to the house. This is possible since you are the owner you don’t have to abide by some set rules.

• Outdoor space. You can have a kitchen garden or lawn in your backyard. If you buy a house, you can set space for a playing ground or an entertainment area for your family.


• Higher cost. Generally, it is more expensive to purchase a house when compared to an apartment. Besides you have more space meaning, you have to invest more in upgrading the house.

• More work. Buying a house comes along with added work such as trimming trees, maintaining the lawns, gardening.

The Pros of buying an apartment

• Buying an apartment is a cheaper option though some apartments will be pricey compared to the location.

• Low maintenance cost. In an apartment, the owner does the work of maintaining the lawn and gardens. Even if you are charged for this service, it is cheaper since this is a cost-shared responsibility.

new house

• Better location. Most apartments are located in the City Centre. This allows you to be in proximity to social amenities like schools hospitals, restaurants, and your workplace.

• In an apartment, you have access to more facilities shared by occupants in the apartment such as playing grounds, swimming pools, and shopping Centre.

• Security. Apartments are more secure than houses. Mostly, there are several levels of security before one can access your door.


• Lack of privacy. In an apartment, you are exposed to noise and disturbance from your neighbors.

• Apartments provide less space when compared to houses.

• In an apartment, you must able to abide by laws set by the owners. Some apartments do not allow occupants to keep pets or hang clothes in the balcony.

• Shared fees. You will pay for shared resources and maintenance costs if you buy an apartment.

Though choosing if to buy an apartment or a house depends on several factors including your preference and budget, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of either. Select the option that serves your interest and the interest of your family. If you are investing, buying a house might be a better option since the value will appreciate more compared to an apartment.